Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Rankin's Alex Box Remade

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Rankin's Alex Box remade
Rankin is one of my favourite fashion photographers, I find his work very inspiring and allows me to become more creative with the use of makeup on the subjects I photograph. I've chosen to remake one of Rankin's Alex Box images as it fitted in perfectly with my identity work.
Her mask becomes powerfully mysterious to the audience, with a relaxed aproach on the face I feel it creates a tranquility in the frame. The mask reveals depression in the subject as her head is tilted down and away from the camera. This force of depression lies on her shoulder as her face is aimed towards this, allowing to create a strong sense of pressure. These two very different expressions, tranquility and depression work really well with the mask as its black and white and produces this contrast between happiness and sadness.
To create this image I first viewed the Alex Box project by rankin on his site to find an image that I felt fitted my meaning to my own project. I worked with a Nikon DSLR D80 with a Sigma 17-70mm zoom lens on a fairly wide shot, however I found myself taking the image very close to the subject to capture these emotions within the subject. Working with one flash unit on the subject allowed the light to highlight most of the hair and defuse across the face.

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