Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Smart Fashion / Portraiture

Image title - Business

In this shot I wanted to express a serious and dramatic mood from the eyes with the angle and position of the head forming a strong composition centre frame. I wanted the subjects body to be shot side on so the light can create a smooth texture on the jacket and collar of the shirt. Using this positioning on the subject has allowed me to create a soft light effect on himself and with the peircing eyes the frame forms a dramatic touch.

To make this image I used a high key studio to relate to the sharp, fresh and edgy relationship between the clothes and the white background. To light my subject I used a large soft box directly infront of my model, aiming down on to him from a high level he was lit up on an aperture of F8. To keep a clean white backdrop I used flags to prevent any leaking light from the main flash unit, two flash units aiming at the backdrop providing an aperture of F16. During this Shoot I was using my DSLR Nikon D80, with a 17-70mm Sigma zoom lens.

Image title - Entering Frame

For this shot I wanted to provide the frame with this curious laid back attention from the subject. With the glasses being warn it allows the subject to create this inquisitive approach in his composition as he enters the frame from the right side. As the subject leans into the frame it produces a beautiful tone of light causing texture onto the jacket and shirt, allowing the clothes to become more attractive.

To make this image I used worked with the same lighting techniques, DSLR and lens. To create this composition I took the picture with him entering the frame, however to tighten the shot more so I cropped the above and left side of the frame, bringing it in closer to the subject.

Image title - Casual Arrayed
For this shot I wanted to capture a beautiful array of soft light spilling on to my subject in a relaxed pose. My aim to this shot was to give this chilled out look to express the ability to use smart clothing as a casual aspect. The head tilted to the side with the arms supporting my subect allows the composition to flow freely as his legs leave the left side of the frame. In this pose the jacket attracts soft lights to provide texture on itself and with the bottom to it lying on the floor it enforces more so to be seen as a casual look.
To make this shot I worked on the same lighting techniques, DSLR and lens. But to capture the light so it spilt down on to the face and chest I had my model lie almost horizontal to myself. To create a more powerful frame I cropped the bottom part and brought it closer to the model, this allowed a better focus on the subjects composition.

Image title - Kicking Back

In this shot I wanted to perform a great deal of relaxation with this smart outfit to provide the frame with a chilled out stylish look. I wanted to capture my model lying down to enforce this approach, but to mix up my composition I went for a triangular positioning of my subject. I feel that this composition holds what I'm trying to express within my subjects pose clearly, allowing the clothes to stand out in different sections of the frame.

Within this shot I use the same lighting set up, along with the same camera and lens. It was fairly challenging fitting my subject into the shot for this pose he was creating, this therefore gave me little room to work with. However at the angle I captured I managed to get great results from the lighting along the whole of the body.

Image title - Opening Jacket

Within the frame of 'Opening Jacket' I wanted to hold a great concentration on the texture and style of the jacket being worn and the jacket itself. To perform an interesting centre frame of composition I had my subject looking past his hand to attract awareness to the gripping and opening of the jacket. The jacket being opened also provides shape in the frame, creating a dramatic pose on the model.

To make this image I used all the same equipment and lighting set up. To capture the right amount of light on the jacket I had my model stand fairly close to myself, so I had control over the composition I wanted to capture. I kept the lighting straight infront of my subject to hold the lighting on the jacket to create a more powerful appearance. To hold a better focus on the subject I brought in the sides of the frame using the crop tool in post production.

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