Thursday, 4 March 2010

Inspirations to Week 1

Zed Nelson in his 'Love me' project attacks his opinions on the worlds industry to beauty. Nelson uses portraits, still life and large scale advertising to feed his audience with the meaning of how we today are pressured into manipulating our bodies to become more beautiful.

My identity project is all about pressures within ourselves to become who we are and not pretend to be someone we're not. I've taken these pictures to show emotions and how they effect our lives. I find Nelson's work highly influential as he too is looking at the meaning to people trying to become happier in themselves however he looks at more of the appearance side to people, but this inspired me to see how emotions in our personality are just as important to view.

Rankin made a whole project called Alex Box using makeup designs to create a varied approach on identities using a range of vivid to sublte colours. Reviewing the Alex Box project has given me a deeper insite on the use of makeup when portraying a meaning to an identity, this has allowed me to work with this concept to link in with mine. With my obsession into fashion and beauty I've become greatly inspired to reveal my subjects emotions and with the use of different lighting techniques I feel Rankin's work has linked to mine.

My Torso image was influenced from the form of male greek statues, I found the form to be heroic and created strength and my torso image reveals this sense of strength to fight through weaknesses in an identity. Using this sense of strength and greek statues I became inspired to create a natural image to provide the frame with this look and feel.

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