Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Masculine Identity

The distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity. Everyone seems to be judged on their appearance, whether it's a sense of arrogance, to kindness in someones personality. Or an offensive stare to a cheeky wink to attract attention. We tend to hide emotions within us to prevent our weak points from being identified, in these images I've aimed to release these emotions we have inside of us that sometimes shouldn't be hidden as everyone is different and why shouldnt we be proud to be who we are.

Image title - Confidence

In this image I wanted to produce this powerful glare into the camera to create this strong confidence to flood into the frame. His hands locked together on his head accentuate this force of stress pushing his identity away from others, but with this deep trancing stare he wants to reveal his personality.

To create this image I used a high key set studio with a digital SLR camera and a fairly wide sigma lens. I wanted to make this a close up shot so we can have a dramatic look on the eyes. To increase a higher level of contrast around the eyes I have used photoshop to locate most contrast around the eyes. Even though the whole subject has a deep depth of field, I've soften the subjects body apart from the face with the use of post production.

Image title - Torso

For this image I became inspired by the strong heroic statues of masculine greeks. To reveal this I set the main focus of the frame to attract attention to the muscular torso. However I've used the subjects head position to emphasise this great movement of anxiety in the image. I wanted to stress the fact his head is looking down to dramatise his lonely personality, but his masculine body provides him with strength to fight through his weaknesses.

Making this image I used a low key set studio and a digital SLR camera. To add contrast to the subjects hair and abdominals I worked with levels, burning, dodging and lowering the saturation. Decreasing the saturation helped to provide the image with a more natural look and to express this loneliness in the subject. To have a higher level of light on the left side of the model I used a large soft box high camera left to diffuse the light across the body.

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